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Paper Shredding in Essex and the London area

Companies receive and store a lot of information, most of which needs to kept private. They store confidential financial details as well as personal information about their customers. It is very important that this kind of information protected; since there are predators that may use it to destroy the company. Exposing private information about customers can lead to identity theft by criminals. In order to avoid such cases, companies have to be very careful when disposing confidential documents. 

There are various ways to destroy documents, such as using a local office shredder or burning them. However, these methods are not completely reliable. It is easy to leave a piece of paper out, which may have vital information. For this reason, firms now rely on shredding companies to dispose off their confidential documents. These are companies equipped with advanced machines for destroying documents. Shredding companies make it easier for businesses to put away all forms of confidential information; some are equipped with machines for destroying digital media.


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"Nowadays, being green gives you great press. I am happy to see that our market presence has expanded since we work with Realise Networks in the managing of our waste. People want our products because we recycle all we use."

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"Realise Networks is a great company to work with. It is very dedicated to its ends and very trustworthy. Not once have they ever let us down on anything. They keep up to what they say and we know that we can rely on them."

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